Feeling lonely

I’m tired of not working but can’t seem to find a job I can do. I miss being friends with people. I miss college and having friends close by. Anyone have time for a new friend?

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Accept your fate

That I’m destined to be stuck at home for the rest of my life?

I don’t think you are.
Take small steps, have you considered volunteering?

I’ve thought about it at a local food bank. Just never pulled the trigger

When the time is right, go ahead

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Ill be your friend I’m in the same boat but my voices make everyone hate me and think disgusting things about me so its up to you, do you like chess?

Do you at least have family you can talk to until you make some friends?

Yeah. I live with my parents. Sometimes I don’t feel lonely with them here. Other times I feel even more alone.

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I’ve never been big into chess. Sorry you have trouble with voices

I’ve been without friends before. It was awful. It was in the 6th grade. Worst year of my life. But I also couldn’t rely on family either. My dad was gone, my mom left me home alone for weeks at a time. My siblings were gone. It was so lonely and awful. Then I changed school districts and made some new friends luckily. I’m just trying to say I can relate to your situation and I genuinely hope it gets better soon for you

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