Feeling like you have the solution

I always feel like I’ve solved all my problems and there’s nothing holding me back anymore, and then I get hurt or start feeling bad… anyone else like this?


Lol. All the time. That’s exactly how my life goes. I’m glad I’m not alone.

I wish for once it would be true hah…
How do you deal with this?

I just keep hoping that one day I’ll actually be right. But life is a constant game of rock/paper/ scissors so sometimes you’re winning and sometimes you’re losing.

Yes, I also feel this way a lot.

Sz/sza is like a puzzle that can never be solved.

I’m probably not the most healthy person to get advice from though.


Thanks for your input, I would love to hear your advice anyway if you have any

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I’ve got the solution (42). Still working on the question.



My only solution is to be left alone by others cold turkey, have my privacy, face my fears and try to let my mind and body heal itself.

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This is definitely the constant cycle for me. I also get into trouble when I start to think “If I just do this, then everything will be okay.” I was recently planning on blinding myself because of this exact kind of thought. (Don’t worry, my therapist helped me to realize this was a bad idea and the result of delusions).

Having schizophrenia is like a roller coaster ride that some chubby little rugrat kid threw up in.

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