Feeling like people can hear me through my phone

Like, as in, when you’re not talking to anybody, but you feel like someone is listening to you through your phone? The thoughts aren’t as hard to control as like, thoughts that people can read my thoughts (thats a persistent one for me), but its very awkward and unsettling especially if I like take my phone with me to the bathroom or something…I also feel like sometimes people can somehow hear my thoughts thru the phone. Anyone experience this/any way to stop feeling that way??

I’ve thought people blocks away and people in other towns far away could hear what I was saying before. I had very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, you have to be very important for that many people to be focused on you, but it is a terrible invasion of your privacy. I could get really angry about it.

Oh I’m with you 100% unfortunately. I regularly keep my phone under a pillow or blanket to keep people from listening in. Sometimes I worry that I’m broadcasting my thoughts and people can hear them through the microphone on my phone. It’s unsettling but I don’t really know how to avoid it.