Feeling like isolating

I have put my phone on straight to answer machine and want it too stay that way.


My parents don’t know this but I put all the phones to ringer off. It’s been like this for almost a week.

They’re mostly spam anyway.

I’ve been forcing myself to stay connected this week. I’m just tired but I don’t want my family to worry. So … I answer the phone

Isolating a huge red flag for me that things aren’t going well in my brain.

I have a few friends who call me almost every day. I think maybe this is good for me. This is a recent phenomenon. They are nice and considerate people.

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People know to text me. Any number I don’t recognize goes to voice mail. If it’s one of kids I answer because they never call unless it is something serious.


I’m always isolating 24/7.

I turned my voicemail off. I never listen to the messages.

Isolating I find helpful sometimes when I need a serious break.

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