Feeling like an emotionally distant mother today

Just am. Hate to whine about it. But I need quality time with my son and partner. Instead of just nappy change. Feed. Nappy change. Feed. Clean up. Feed. Clean up. Feed.


I’m haven’t brought up a child,

But I’m sure this is a common feeling.

Fact is, those boring things are absolutely caring for your child.

It may not be the quality time you want,

But I think that will come.

Maybe some regular mothers will have some advice.


Ty you have a valid point.

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Do you nap and cuddle with him? That’s quality and you both rest and recharge.

Have you tried baby wearing? Even when theyre bigger it makes carrying them easier. And you spend more time together without being exhausted in the arms and back.


Yes we do nap together sometimes. However he doesn’t nap long. He’s up most the day. He will have half an hour late morning. It’s usually him just sleeping on me in the sofa.

Though I have gone into our bed with him sometimes and slept there. And it is lovely quality time your right.

I don’t know what the baby carrying thing is. I’ll look it up.

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I think it’s when you do that wrap thing and keep your baby on your chest.

My husband always jokes I should do that to my dog.

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