Feeling like an afterthought

Lately, my provider has been very busy with family problems of her own and I’m feeling the difference. She just does not have the same amount of emotional energy for me. She’s not neglecting me, she does her job. I think I used to be a little spoiled by her and now I’m missing her. Oh, well. I’m a big girl now, I should be able to deal with it.

oh chordy I am so sorry. My therapist is a lot of support for me and sometimes we speak a lot and other times we don’t and I “feel it” too. I hope you get to feeling stronger on your own. at least you still get to see her right?

Is that a cup of ranch dressing?

No, it’s soy milk. I make it myself because I don’t do cow’s milk well.


Hey be glad you’ve been “spoiled” at all. Most people don’t get a lot of that from their mental health professionals.

I do see her as we live in the same house. But our lives are like two ships passing in the night so much with not so much "us"ing going on.

She’s very special in her field, making our house a “family” situation, not a professional one. But she’s only human and blood does run thicker than water. I wonder if I don’t need a special someone in my life or maybe it’s just time for me to be the giver to our provider.

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