Feeling kind of down

feeling kind of down, only good news is my partner is off two days and her parents, little sister and step brother are going to Tennessee to pick up a cousin and visit an uncle. they will be gone two days they hope to be anyway. my partner isn’t going so far so she said she wants to join me for one of my walks if it isn’t raining. i only walk about a mile.

i just feel like crap, my brother started his crap again. he got off ssi and medicaid but can’t find a job he refuses to work fast food, retail and anything he seems demeaning.

I noticed a leak in the kitchen ceiling.

What do you mean “only”? A mile is a darn respectable distance to walk. How was your ankle?

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A little sore especially the morning after walking.

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Don’t stress it too much, did it heal fairly good? It must have.

I only walked half a mile today and tomorrow we are going to walk to a local burger place. My family doctor said over the phone that even if it healed perfect I have a high chance of arthritis later

That’s kind of depressing but hopefully that’s way in the future.

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