Feeling insecure now about posting...scared

Now that I know there is a troll here that used to really upset me I don’t know if I can be around when his suspension runs out…he scares me to death and I still wonder if the intruder that came to my house and I woke up at the exact instant he was breaking into the house was from this forum…

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Can you mute people on here? :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


i think if you don’t want to hear from someone it is best to press mute AND press ignore at the same time.

but for some reason you still see their thread titles.

@jukebox , I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay,addictions are hard so you are not alone in that struggle

but whatever feels best for you :slight_smile:


I would select to ignore the possible troll. I know though how it feels because I’m paranoid and I’ve had my house broken into. By ignoring them, you can let the issue between you die down over time and the troll will move on to messing with someone else most likely

when is his suspension up? I’ll protect you!

Just because someone says something you don’t like doesn’t make them a troll. You have a habit of callin people trolls over that.

And no one from here knows where you live and can’t break into your house. That’s a strong and unfounded accusation.