Feeling ignored feeling terrible

I have been ignored when I go out in public used to people would pay attention to when they see me now I feel like I am walking amongst the Dead no one notices me no one cares no one sees me feeling lost and alone right now Maybe I Need to be shown some love and compassion and yet I don’t even know how to show love and compassion for others when they don’t show love to me if you know what I mean .I have no friends and I mean that with all Sincerity so if people want to play the ignore game, I can do that too put up a wall and ignore everyone like their ignoring me. It’s like I am totally nonexistent. I am not paranoid I know what’s going on now with my current situation. People hate me for many reasons Be there is only a few people in the public that actually genuinely care about me and like me. There is no middle ground with me either people love me or they hate me there is no kind of love or kind of hate I feel no one would stand with me with all my haters or put them in their place people form an opinion about me that no one can change their views about me except for God Himself just having a bad day today. So just bear with me take this with a grain of salt with how you see it.


Im glad i get ignored in public.

I really dont want to be noticed!!!

Seriously - sounds like your overthinking it. People are too caught up in their own lives to give most people the time of day.


I too am glad I’m ignored in public.

I used to fear going out as I felt I was attracting attention.

If you’re “normal” you get ignored in public. I’d take getting ignored in public as a compliment. It means you’re fitting in.

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I don’t like feeling like a nobody in public too

It’s why I ordered takeaway x

Instead of go out for food.