Feeling hot hot hot

uK is having a heat wave


Just heard about this heat wave in the local news, In Paris 40 c, hopefully the heat wave reaches my place too as they are forecasting.

Well over 43 degrees C in California’s central valley right now. Ground water tables way down. No snow on the Sierras. Fourth year of nasty drought. Ugly.

They call Memphis Memfrica because it’s hot and there’s lots of African Americans

The summer has been fairly mild so far in eastern Oklahoma. Nothing above 95 F so far. I hope it stays that way.

I was at a grizzlies game and yes there are a lot of african americans

at least we’re not killing people in churches or for buying a bag of skittles. The United States of Whitemerica is still 63% white and only 13% black.

Canada is the same. Weeks and weeks of hot sun