Feeling hopeless

This illness gets harder every day, and when the ones you love who claim to love you treat you like ■■■■ it only makes it harder. I want it to end. Im just waiting for the sweet embrace of death, and no im not talking about making it happen by my hand, im just eagerly waiting for it to happen in general, even though sometimes it feels like it will never happen, as if im somehow going to live forever suffering the whole time

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We all suffer from this illness…take care bro…we will get better soon…

Thanks man, it somehow helps a little bit to know im not the only one suffering. It sure would be nice to get rid of it though. I wonder what i would be like without the illness

Cant i just cut my brain out and replace it with something else? I dont know, maybe a sponge, or a patch of animal fur. Either of those would probably function better

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