Feeling “high” when psychosis happens?

I feel more elated than usual. Agitated. It is uncomfortable.Then this leads to psychosis.

I feel high randomly sometimes but idk if i was in psychosis when it happens. I cant really remember how things go when i am feeling high

Yes, I had this, in the beginning, that brightening of the world. Now it’s more an uncomfortable high.


when euphoric I was very happy…when paranoid I was terrified…the euphoria comes before the paranoia for me…never again…never again.

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When I got psychosis last year I felt light and like I was sort of floating.

Idk if it was due to the fact I stopped eating, mostly, and got really slim.

I had this rush of energy in me that was flowing through my body.

It’s… Sort of like yea, high.


No this isn’t Mania. I know my mania. I kind of hate how I worded this now because everyone is comparing it to mania. I have sza which means my bipolar and schizophrenia can interact, but also act independently. If my psychosis only happened when I experienced mania or depression, it wouldn’t be sza. It would be Bipolar with psychotic features. Doctor explained this to me in depth several times. I feel high drugged, not manic.

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When i say i feel high i mean drugged high…is that what we are talking about or like super happy high


It’s a bipolar high, yes, but my psychosis happens outside of this. Kind of hating myself for how I worded this cause now everyone is comparing it to mania and it isn’t. I feel drugged when this happens, not manic. Sza means that my Schizophrenic side happens without the influence of Bipolar. If my psychosis only happened when I felt manic, it wouldn’t be sza, it would be bipolar with psychotic features. Had in depth talks with my doctor about this.

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That’s what we’re talking about. Everyone is just assuming mania, unfortunately.


Before recent episode I had lost significant weight. I was feeling light physically. Euphoria preceded psychotic episode. During psychosis it is agitation. Severe anxiety. I felt jumpy. Restless.

Recently someone had brought up that they were more likely to be mentally unwell when they were slim. Gaining weight due to medication was associated with stability.

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I’ve gained weight due to medication. I think the weight gain is due to the medication. And stability due to the medication

I don’t think there’s a direct link between weight gain and stability.

It is indirect, via the antipsychotic, imo.

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Yeah. There was a pop psychology claim that slim people tend to be more irritable and struggle with anxiety.

But psychotherapeutic effect is due to medication not directly due to gaining weight.

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I can imagine if those slim ppl have an eating disorder then perhaps, if they are also susceptible to psychosis, cos the stress may push them. Over the edge.


When I become psychotic on the two occasions I have I get into a feeling that I’m in a dream like state. I don’t know how else to explain.


I have had psychosis feel many different ways. Sometimes high, sometimes like things are unreal and I feel like I’m in a funhouse, sometimes agitated and irritable and anxious (during very paranoid times). My DX is BP1 even though I have never met all the criteria for a manic episode and my symptoms aren’t episodic (they are always there to some extent even when medicated). I am getting tested this summer by a neuropsychologist to firm up my diagnosis. I think it is more SzA or I just have a really severe anxiety disorder and this is all made up but I don’t think BP1 is accurate for me. However, there are others here with similar experiences as mine.

I feel very paranoid right before break through symptoms.

Intresting post. As I was diagnosed with sz, I feel more related to Bp since reading about mania comes with lots of energy spending. I was like that, very energetic type to accomplish whatever task. But i also had those euphoric states where I could just feel love and joy, almost like feeling high. Not sure it was manic since I could just sit and enjoy whtever moment of happyness. I could call this a blissfull moment in time.

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