Feeling "high and mighty" and entitled

I know it’s just an angry reaction to having been neglected but that doesn’t make it any easier to control. It’s being a big baby. I am the center of the world and you are to do everything for me. Yeah, right.

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That all struck a chord with me for sure.

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anger is a choice

Chordy this is not Twitter, this is a Schizophrenia based forum, correct or did I make a mistake signing up ?

Yes, but I’m not familiar with your acronyms. Just wanted to understand you.

Are you a voice hearer ?

Why this start of response, even thought I know its lockdown.

My voices are dim, now. I didn’t know if you meant speaking voices or hallucinated voices. Your use of acronyms had me thrown.

He was just a troll @PinCushion . He’s been kicked out already.


Well it’s not on some stone tablet that you have to be Mary Poppins everyday of your life. Only people who get it will get it. For me I never asked for help in the first place.

I think I got afraid to display my true feelings until I simply didn’t know them anymore. So I developed a “stuck up” air.

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