Feeling heartbroken

Yesterday out of curiosity I looked up my BMI on a little chart that was posted on the nurses station. I am categorized as obese and am just 20 something lbs away from being morbidly obese.

I was trying to research how to get back to a healthy weight once obese. The only information I can find is that the chances of me ever being a healthy weight again are incredibly slim. Apparently current weight loss tips and regimens work for people who are somewhat overweight or at a higher healthy weight than they want. They have proven almost completely ineffective for those that are obese and drastically less effective for the morbidly obese.

I could not find a single weight loss plan tailored to the obese outside of surgery. It does not seem like one exists.

Meanwhile I continue to gain weight on a weekly basis, about 1 lb a week.

I feel absolutely hopeless.


Smaller Portions, Healthier Choices

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As a last ditch effort I think I am going to get my copper iud removed. Although technically it should not cause weight gain, I am seeing stories from a lot of women who did gain a lot of weight once getting it and lost it once removing it. I feel very upset about this too because it was basically my last option for birth control. I will be stuck with condoms now which makes me uneasy.

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Sorry you’re feeling this way… to eat small portions of food sometimes is very difficult

Gaining weight is so bad for our self esteem :frowning:

But we need hope…never stop trying to eat healthy

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I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better.

I’m like 25 to 30 pounds overweight. Lately I have worked out with exercising. I love to work out all of the sudden. So that keeps me working out.

Its always possible to loose weight if you don’t have severe negative symptoms. Don’t give up. Make a calorie deficit and you will loose weight. Burning more calories than what you eat is the only way to loose weight.


Also eat negative calories food, food that takes more calories to digest than calories it have. Like lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, etc I wish I didn’t have negative symptoms, my weight would be 60kg bmi 20.

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Eating 500 fewer calories per day than your body needs will help you lose weight. To find out how many calories you can eat per day go to https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html
I use MyFitnessPal to count my calories. You can either use it online or on an app on your phone. It’s really easy. You can do this. I’m losing weight with counting calories and I’m really happy about it.


I’m losing weight very slowly by eating 1200 calories a day, but I am inactive. You are up working you could have a bit more. I input everything I eat into myfitnesspal and I know when I’ve hit my calories. I have excess appetite due to antipsychotics so I’m taking Phentermine to help counter that. It’s mildly helpful. I’m losing about 2 pounds a week. If I were to walk I’m sure I would lose 3.

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Im not sure who said chances are slim for morbidly obese people to be healthy again, but it simply isn’t true. Eating clean and excerising are the keys to being healthy. Relapse happens because people lose weight but don’t change how they view food or recover from the addiction. That has always been my issue and Im tackling my obesity from that vantage point this time.

There are thousands of anecdotal success stories online of people who went from morbidly obese to healthy. I use WW and the community is also full of people who have successfully gotten healthy.


I just find it extremely hard to believe that there’s no diet that will work for the obese. I can’t believe the obese and the morbidly obese are just doomed to being overweight their whole lives and nothing can be done for them.

Because that would mean half of America is doomed to heart disease and strokes and diabetes and all the other conditions caused by obesity. It just doesn’t make sense. Does your health coverage cover going to a nutritionist or dietician? If so, I think seeing a professional might be helpful.

I mean personally, I entered the board & care home three years ago weighing around 250 lbs. In four months I lost about 25 lbs. It was no special diet or anything. The home had a cook who came in and cooked three meals a day for us. It was a lot of variety but the trick was that he served us normal sized portions, he didn’t serve fatty food or greasy food, we had vegetables and fruit at every meal and we did not get any dessert.

Three times a day we got a healthy snack and except for meals, the kitchen was locked and closed so no access to food except what they gave us.

My roommate lost about 20 lbs.

But yeah, that just shows that eating healthy can result in weight loss.

Don’t lose hope, @Anna.

You can get that weight off.

I’ve gained since COVID and just started dieting again.

I think it’s already coming off.

You’ve just got to give it some effort and time.

That said,

I’m sure you look great,

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Losing wait can be hard. It depends on the person. I’m not trying to discourage people. I think anybody can lose weight. I mean you just have to keep it off.

Don’t be heartbroken!

I think you can do it since you are young and have the desire but you need to put in the work.

Maybe holding yourself accountable to a phone ap or weight loss program/specialist will help.

Take a look at this when you have the time :slight_smile:

I’m considered obese also. When I stay on the diet, I told you about, I lose weight. I just have to stay on it.

Losing weight can be hard but it can be done, when i went on clozaril in 2011 i went up to 21 stone, i now weigh 14 stone through a good diet and lots of exercise!

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