Feeling frustrated need advice

Doctors don’t know you as a person, they only know your symptoms and actions in the past.

It’s very frustrating when you’re being mistreated by your doctor. I mean my story was that I smoked too much weed and all of a sudden I started getting high without any drugs. On a separate issue I am very impulsive and suicidal. Iv’e attempted suicide like four times. Due to my serious history of suicidality the doctors are treating me for psychosis. They think I am suicidal because i’m psychotic. That is not the case. Why drug me with anti psychotics to try to treat suicidal tendencies? As far as I know that doesn’t treat impulsiveness, SSRIs treat impulsiveness. My little magical thinking has nothing to due with suicidality. When I am feeling ‘high’ without drugs I am certainly not suicidal. My doctors are just being as conservative as possibles to save their OWN asses. You shouldn’t be able to drug me when it’s not interfering with my life. Why not just treat the suicidality? That seems like the bigger issue. I’d be fine with an antidepressant mono-therapy but not this anti psychotic bs. I mean they’re not preventing anything by drugging me. Nothing bad will happen when I go off meds, I’ll just feel a little strange that’s all. Nothing more that I can’t handle.

Sorry for long rant. Do you have any advice on how to tell your doctor to treat you for the right symptoms? ie depression and suicidal tendencies and not psychosis. I’m sure some of you have experienced some sort of misdiagnosis…

I’m no doctor but high without meds to me means bipolar symptoms. When it comes to BP most get manic because of antidepressants. So becomes a problem in treating just the depression. The upside is treat the mania and psychosis symptoms and the depression is under control.

I don’t think it would be BP if anything it would be just a little social anxiety which for some reason causes me to feel ‘high’.

But the main thing is I think it’s wrong to treat people who have something that is not negatively affecting them.

You have a choice of which doctor you see. That is your prerogative!

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Ask your doctor these questions. Maybe he is waiting to see how you do on these meds before an official diagnosis. Sometimes, the diagnosis can change over time. The main thing is that you don`t become suicidal anymore.
Write these things down to ask your doctor.

It’s possible that you’re not functioning as well without the meds as you think you may be. This is a problem many of us have, including me. While I’m high-functioning off of my meds, I have some problems passing reality testing. They aren’t apparent to me, but they are certainly noticeable to my wife and daughter.

This is a good discussion to have with your doctor, and also trusted non-Szs in your life who have seen you both on and off meds (e.g. parents).

Good luck.


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