Feeling forced

I’ve always been an introvert since birth. Ive always handles everything internally and very well. It’s when I feel forced to externalized things that problems arise. It makes me hollow and edgy . I connect in my own way and do my own thing.

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Why are you feeling forced to externalize things? :slight_smile:

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I think the world is being run by extroverts that have no sensitivities to the introverts. It’s up to you to fight for your alone time. No one else is going to make sure you get what you need to survive and this world simply isn’t set up for you to thrive. It’s not fair to the introverts but unfortunately it is what it is. My sister is a pretty severe introvert and it’s a constant struggle for her to get all the time she needs to reset so she can go back out there and earn a living. Right now she works in a place that almost seems to punish her for not taking part in the office parties and such and it’s just not right. She goes there to work not party. I’m a mild introvert and I would be upset if I felt I had to do potlucks and such to keep in good standing with my employer. It’s just bullsh*it as far as I’m concerned.

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It’s the fact that there would be no issues if I was allowed the headspace to think freely and I would move past alot of ■■■■ like I previously had. It’s the fact that the changes I need to make can’t be done properly in the postion I am in. It’s always “you make it hard on people” well yall make it hard on me constantly becsuse you want me to be involved in things outside of myself besides working when I’m trying to get my ■■■■ together.

Why keep building yourself if their aim is to tear it down then keep you from building as long as possible

Who wants you to be involved in stuff?

People in the community tuat don’t want wounds to heal and see me be successful and normal.

It’s entertainment to people. Makes then feel better about themselves when they can put their attention and emotions onto someone else without backlash

Oh I was wondering if you were part of a treatment program with a social skills training.

If that was the case I’d say do it.

But if it’s just random people, whatever.

It comes down to me not wanting my private thoughts and self talk and business in general to be open for anyone to observe. I’ve been manipulated to the point thst I’ve weakened my defenses blindly to alot of

I know you may not see it, but truly, your private thoughts are private.

Yes the non verbal thoughts are essentially private. But the voice I use is not private. It is audible

Well if you speak out loud it’s not other people’s fault if they can hear you.

If I quietly say somethi g to myself in my own home I shouldn’t get a responce yelled at me from 2 miles away

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If it’s in your home and you get a response from 2 miles away, that’s not truly real. It seems real but it’s not truly real.

So should I not pay mind to these things? I always feel like I have to defense myself like someone is trying to scrutinize my privacy

No I don’t think so.

If people really had this ability, the world, reality, would be different. But it isn’t. So I think we can say it isn’t a real thing, it only seems so, because the brain seeks patterns.

It tends to come from the tv. These frequencies heighten my awareness and put me in a very alert state

Probably isn’t a thing, because most people don’t feel this way about the TV.

Lol it’s too popular for that.

I’ve gotten caught up in the idea that other people think like the TV but it’s been proven wrong enough, I only believe if people tell me “I feel ______” that is probably true.

The frequencies are there regardless of what anyone tells me. Every voice has a source and every frequency has a source. I’ve been far past this and it has made a comeback.

Well, yeah, but the source is just the brain seeking patterns. Which is its job, but don’t get too freaked out about it if it does it too well.

I feel approached and clung to by this energy. Only on the right side of my body