Feeling faint

hi all,

I changed from 6mg invega to 3mg,
only after a while I began feeling faint,
None of the schizo symptoms came back however

So as I would prefer to be on the 3mg, is there anything I can take to fix the faintness?

cheers bruhs

I maybe completely wrong but is not that Othostatic Hypotension caused by APs?
I used to feel faint when taking pills upon standing up. Caffiene is supposed to help, try a coffee with sugar!??

the thing is it’s not only when I stand up from sitting down position, I would feel it all the time.
Could be just ‘hypotension’

Not a long term fix, but I have a syncopal disorder and pass out all the time from low blood pressure and if you force yourself to cough when you’re feeling really dizzy it’ll throw blood back up to your head so you don’t pass out and can find a place to sit down.

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