Feeling energized after stopping zoloft

im still in my ap but stopped zoloft.
i had brain zaps the other day but it wasnt too bad, im feeling more energized. playing video games for longer mostly in the middle if the night. i still feel impulsive (especially when it comes to making bad decisions with money) like when i was taking it. i wonder if my ap causes that but idk im not gonna risk stopping that one also it might just be me because i cant find any evidence of paliperidone being related to it


That’s strange, you’d expect Zoloft to energize you… :thinking:

I hated Zoloft. Could not sleep on the stuff and it made me crazy (er)

Zoloft made me not have much energy.

But I’m concerned the brain zaps will get worse over time. Are you sure you don’t want to wean off slowly?

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