Feeling drugged/high?

Could this feeling be related to psychosis? I felt this way once and it contributed to my delusion of being drugged by my parents.

Just to clarify it happened before meds and I haven’t ever used any substances other than prescription meds

Being manic makes me feel like I am high.

Kind of interesting, though I doubt it’s mania for me since I don’t have rapid mood swings or anything like that

I felt high all the time when without meds, its high dopamine. I never took drugs and felt high which made me grandiose. Many drug users, drugs increasing dopamine, become grandiose from drug use. Schizophrenic brains naturally have high dopamine. Its not a good thing.

Did you feel that you’re the best and smartest person on earth? I do when without meds.

ive felt that way once but it was years ago and it caused me to be arrogant in a way

Mood swings don’t have to be rapid to be manic. For some, it’s gradually worse until they’re full blown manic.

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hmm ye but i honestly dont think ive ever had abnormal mood swings

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idk if ive been grandiose rly, i dont know if its high dopamne for me or not

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