Feeling drained - corporative world

I’m participating in a design event that’s draining me. We formed a group of 6 people to create a service that’ll help people with depression. I find the idea very good, but I can’t connect with the people of my group. I think we have different values. Maybe corporative world is not for me. There will be another day of this dynamic tomorrow and I’m thinking on giving it up because I can’t feel comfortable with these people.

Are there types of people or events that drain you?

I don’t know if it’s my fault or theirs for feeling drained. I prefer going to college and discuss problems with my colleagues instead of doing it in corporations.

Honestly I think this is something I’d find difficult too. I can connect easily with like-minded people on my level, but in a situation where things are official especially if it involves suits and ties, I feel totally disconnected, it’s a different world in which I don’t feel like I belong.

Even in terms of the psychiatric world, in which I have been involved for many years, I can speak easily with someone in casual dress who talks to me as an equal, but with someone in a suit and tie I feel like we are on a totally different wavelength.

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The company is kind like a Google (but still not a Google at all). They don’t generally wear suit and tie but they still have many corporate values impregnated. I feel I can’t relate with their values.

I think there is a lot of competition involved. I don’t mean fair and ethical competition, but something like: “I will do anything to win, even trump everyone.”

Is it possible to work at a place with less unhealthy competition and more collaboration? Do you know companies like that?

I can’t deal with that corporate environment either. I’m sure there must be more collaborative workplaces, my friend works for a MH charity looking after people in a residential home with individual flats, and everyone there is fantastic, no competition, just collaboration and support. I’m in the uk though so I don’t know any places outside of the UK, sorry.

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Thank you! I think there are place like this here in Brazil too. I just need to do my research.

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