Feeling down and lonely as hell. Anyone want to chat?

I’m not as bad off as I was yesterday, but I’m still not doing well. It’s too late to go over my friend’s house tonight. It’s just me and my animals in my apartment right now, don’t feel like going anywhere, anyway. I keep getting tears welling up in my eyes, and I don’t like it. A part of me wishes I could just cry, though, get it out, but I can’t. I honestly am not sure I’m capable of real crying anymore.

Does anyone feel like chatting? We could talk on this thread, or pm, doesn’t matter to me.

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I’m currently crying,

So maybe not the most uplifting person to talk to,

But I’m here.

Why don’t you feel like you can cry?

What’s holding you back?

Is something bothering you specifically,

Or you’re just feeling depressed?

I just honestly think I have lost the ability to cry. The last time I cried was in 2008, when my ex-wife ended our marriage. Damn, did I cry that night. Prior to 2008, it was in 2006, when my mom died. I bawled like a baby the night she died, then cried some more at her funeral.

Depressed, mainly about my financial/job situation. Everything has gone to ■■■■ in the past few weeks.

You have every right to want to cry it out man.

We watched the whole saga unwind right here.

You got robbed and basically lost your job, which wasn’t a great fit and very stressful, because of it.

Didn’t you get robbed twice?

That’s madness.

You need to cry about it.

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Maybe a good way to start feeling better would be to make a plan.

Not like a ten year plan,

But like a six month plan.

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And aren’t you getting your old job back,

The teaching one?

Yes, twice. I don’t even care that much about the TVs, DVD players, etc. that got stolen. Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to still have those things, but I can live without them. It does piss me off that someone just came in here and took what they wanted.

Now I’m on the verge of losing my apartment altogether.

Do you have family you could move in with?

When can you start your teaching job?

And I thought you were going to stay with a friend, right?

Come January I should have my teaching job back. It doesn’t pay enough by itself, still have to work a second job to make ends meet. Also, the teaching job will not pay me until early February, as it pays only once a month, kinda crummy. Twice a month would be so much better.

No. The only family I have left is my sister, and there is not room for me in her house.

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Oh, so you’re looking at a few months before steady income.

I understand.

Have you found any good options for a second job?

I most likely will end up staying with him. He and his wife have three kids in a little house. A bit chaotic, not the best for my mental health, but certainly much better than living out of my car. I suppose I could always escape to the basement as needed, since that is most likely where my bed and other stuff would be.

Hey @freakonaleash cheer up!

What do you want to talk about! you don’t have to cry.

Let me entertain you.

I’ll find some videos

My first choice would be the foundry my friend works at. I plan on calling them tomorrow to follow up on the application I put in last Friday. If nothing comes of it by probably the end of business on Monday I will contact my old 7-eleven/Sunoco boss and see if he can put me to work. Not the best for my mental health, either, but better than nothing.

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Oy vey!

That’s a lot of kids.

I feel like you need to make a timeline from now to February.

Set goals for each week so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

It seems to me that not knowing what I need to do is most of the stress,

For this, you may just need to outline everything, you have all the big issues figured out,

Like jobs and a place to live.

Figuring out the smaller stuff between here and there will settle your mind and give you back some control.

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