Feeling depressed, take a test


I got a 31 out of a possible 50.

I got 30 points of 50. Mild depression.

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According to that i’m not really depressed(16/50) but other tests have indicated mild depression . I think with these things a lot depends on the questions asked.
For example if there had been questions on hopelessness and worthlessness i would have scored high for both those. The question about feeling less self confident was not a good one. It’s hard to say you are less self confident if you are starting from a low point on the scale anyway.
I think the best use of such things is to compare your scores at different points on a particular test ie over weekly/fortnightly/ monthly periods and note whether it’s going up or down.
In my experience my scores tend not to fluctuate very much and fit in with what makes sense based on my situation . Ie there’s a level of consistent depression but it’s not at the severe end of the scale.