Feeling better

I created a thread yesterday about being paranoid. My symptoms got worse as the day went on. I went to bingo with my mom last night. It got hard to comprehend the numbers and what they looked like. Also the demon showed up and was calling me a loser. I took a prn Klonopin and that seemed to help. When I got home I thought Facebook was sending me messages and the TV too. I was really scared. I feel better today. I hope I’m not slipping into psychosis. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Tuesday. :sun_with_face:


TV used to send me messages, thought the news people could see me


Yeah I’ve been there. Same thing used to happen to me. Last night I was watching Family Guy and Lois’ sister called off her wedding. I thought my fiancé was going to call off our wedding. Felt so real. :sun_with_face:


TV was talking about me when I was psychotic.


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