Feeling better as time goes by

hi. just wanted to drop a note of encouragement – it does get better. you gotta try. each case is individual as we are individuals. we know ourselves best and gotta participate in our own respective recoveries.



do you go to a synagogue on friday afternoon?

hi eiskalt. i haven’t been to synagogue in ages. would like to go back only i don’t have the opportunity right now.
may i ask why you are wondering?


i just remembered you said you were jewish. and i wanted to know if its a custom to go to synagogue on friday or on saturday.

both eiskalt. the men mostly in our orthodox tradition go on friday nights and everyone men women children go on saturday morning. judy

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Funny, I went to one temple, Temple Emanuel, in Miami Beach in one Friday evening and it changed my life and after this change I lived over two years in my auto in America, this was 16 years ago.

are there any ceremonies involved during the service? christians have an eucharist on sunday for example. muslims gather together on a friday (if im not mistaken) and tell stories about muhammad. do you have anything similar?

We pray, welcome the shabbat on Friday evening. Saturday morning lasts longer. The rabbi usually gives a sermon and the Torah portion for the week is read aloud. After the service we do kiddush, which is basically blessing the wine and bread and drinking/eating from them. A lot of synagogues, unless they are really small, have small buffets or offer refreshments after the service. This gives an opportunity to sit together and socialise if one wants. A synagogue I used to go to in London, even had a special 3pm service on Saturdays and then members would all have afternoon tea together.

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wasjustchecking, do you mind me asking if you too are Jewish?


I am indeed. And used to be religious, now less. I still keep kashrut to a reasonable extent and I don’t go to work on shabbat. But I’m not shomer shabbat.

hi wasjustchecking. I am still shomer Shabbat. it keeps me going. Shabbat shalom to you, judy