Feeling ashamed and guilty :(

I’m Omar, 26, Egyptian
last years I was about to kill my doctor when he always said If I do suffer from ADHD I would have hit him while being in session. one day I went to his clinic hitting the door with my leg and breaking the door glass, I hold the chair and was about to hit him with the chair and kill him, but someone in the clinic saved him and hit me alot :(, I just miss my doctor I need him back and I feel shy and guility going to his clinic now :frowning:

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Sorry you’re having a rough go of it Omar. Have you tried writing a letter to your old pdoc Tell him you apologize and would like him back.

On another note… how is mental illness treatment in Egypt?

I’ll think on sendin him good words.
I don’t know what do you mean how mental illness treatment?

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I need answers please

What’s the question? Your doctor may not feel comfortable treating you if you tried to kill him. IDK. You can try apologizing and request that he treat you but I have no idea how he will respond to that.

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I doubt he wants anything to do with you after you tried to kill him.

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anything like what?

Why is it a problem with you having ADHD?

they gave me alot of haloperidol and I’m so tired now, I need Adderall

You have an illness. It’s not your doctor’s fault. He is only trying to help you. I don’t understand why you tried to kill him? And for having ADHD? Talk about overreacting.

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it’s not overreacting, I told him to give me Adderall or Ritalin cause I was so tired, He always had 1 answer " If I suffer from ADHD I’ll hit him " so I was thinking if I killed him I’ll get Adderall but I didn’t mean to kill him I swear :frowning: I love him. I just need anything to help me focus like Addrall or Ritalin

It doesn’t matter, what’s done is done! I’d suggest you get a new doctor that you respect. Also Adderall isn’t prescribed for fatigue or being tired. If it’s haloperidol making you tired then those side-effects will probably go away.

well go take haloperidol to figure out if those side effects will go away or not :slight_smile:

I used to suffer with focus issues. Then I realized I’m able to do any task I set my mind to. That means it’s not as severe as I thought. I just prefer being on the phone. It’s my hobby and socialization rolled into one. Anything else can’t keep up with my attention span.

My pdoc also advises against adderrall. I guess I’ll just go with his advice. I’d go with pdoc orders.

I’ve never had side effects from haldol. I legit have adhd.

I’m talking about myself, Haldol ruined my life.

Damn man that’s no good.

I guess I overreact too because I’ve been violent too, luckily I have not done any real physical damage, but who knows what kind of psychological damage I’ve done, it’s bad karma. I wouldn’t want to see a doctor who provokes me. Stay with your new one.

How is the care in Egypt?

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When I was at the hospital I told the nurse that I was feeling very aggressive. They took me in to a secluded room and talked to me. I cooled off!

I have never had issues with impulsivity when it comes to aggression.

People that use aggression as means to force people to submit to their will are ass holes.

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