Feeling anxious bad thoughts

Had such a hard life, couldn’t deal with parents, nor have kids, nor deal with work. Now im so mentally ill i can’t deal with anything. If i go out i need several cigs, a short distance, with someone
My life has came to this, paranoia, intrusive thoughts, voices anxiety, bad memories and a devoted man by my side every step of the way who i fall out with every once in a while.:weary:
My life is somebody elses worst nightmare


Sending you hugs, i hope you get better :heartpulse:

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Yeah, I identify with the part where it seems unending.

I’ve been on Trilafon for like 53 years; my life is full of happiness. This old age crap just has worked out well for me.

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@Jayster sorry not sure if your being sarcastic or not?

@Natron thanks

Ive just had a haircut which helps, waiting for my nurse to ring haven’t spoken in few weeks. Shes always so busy.

I don’t do sarcasm too often.

The last few decades have been relatively sweet for me. True!

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Oh that’s great for you.

It seems a never ending struggle here

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