Feeling an anxiety attack coming on

Went on a short trip with my sibling but had to go home because of fear of anxiety attack. They are brought about by irrational fears sometimes. When they come around suffer from psychosis when really bad feel like im going crazy. Hate having trouble swallowing makes me feel panicy. Want to go to hospital maybe it would bring me some relief but would i be sent to the psych ward? Are hospitals safe?

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sorry i am late to answer :heart:
i used to feel like this… :man:
confronting our fears is the only way to get over them.
but it was just anxiety…
you can do this :sunny:
take care :alien;

It takes a lot of patience to go through the process of getting admitted to a psyche ward. But by all means if you need your meds corrected for anxiety if you feel your current meds are not adequate for it then yes imo