Feeling alone and hiding the truth

I feel so alone
The truth is that I was diagnosed with sz
But I hide that fact
Why do I do that
Because of the stigma
Because of the lack of understanding of mental illness in our society
I hide who really am
Is it like a gay person not coming out
Or is it because of the shame
The truth hurts

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I know how u feel, I’m 60 and got diagnosed 3 yrs ago. I didn’t want anyone to know and most of my family didn’t understand what had happened to me and really still don’t. I have researched it and expect it, but still try to overcome it. It has aged me, the antipsychotics I think, my skin got saggy and I really show my age now, this is hard on me too because it happens so fast. At what age were u diagnosed? Do you hear voices? I don’t hear them much anymore

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No one needs to know too much information about you except for very close and loving family. If you don´t have it, no one needs to know too much information.

I hide it because if I say to certain people it all just gets awkward for me, like they get concerned I might go dangerous. And also cos I just don’t like the feeling of people knowing especially cos of when if I relapse how they will treat me…

I’m 61. Diagnosed at age 22. So I’m learned to deal with it but to have this secret to most people kind of wears on me.

I can relate … I was diagnosed at age 60 as Schitzoaffective. I have had issues most of my life but tried to use them to my advantage. I always looked younger than I am and keep in good shape but recently I can see my age is catching up. I think the medicines used for Schitzoaffective can accelerate your aging. Can’t stop the clock unless I can figure out time travel :wink:

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