Feeling Aggressive Tonight

Feeling like I want to smash every window with a baseball bat and tell certain people off. :angry:

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welcome to my world
Sic by Slipknot

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time to powerlift…you should powerlift

I hope I’m not one of them, lol. But I know the feeling. I tried to go for a peaceful drive through Burger King. Every guy and his brother saw the easy mark and tried to take advantage of me. Maye the paranoia is ramping up. Oh,well the coke was good.

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Tim Hortons took advantage of me at lunch time. Their wraps are usually $1.79. The lady adds four bacon strips + cheese then charges me $4.00.

Me- “I did not want bacon and cheese on my wrap”

Lady- “you should have stated that before you ordered”

They advertise the wraps for $1.79. Cheese+ bacon are extra $$$$$$.

A big Boo to Tim Hortons. :angry:

:maple_leaf: :snowman:

Burger King sounds good. :hamburger:

I like drive-thrus.The kids are polite and respectful, even though it’s probably like my step-dad said: they are paid to be that way. Ah, yes, using people, they will never learn, this is my rant for the day.

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You can buy a package of bacon on sale for three or four bucks.

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hope you have cooled down and you have a better day.
take care

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I recall way back when at the time when things were at there worst.

At that time I took out my anger on something or other, I can’t recall what it was, but I did so with a sledge
hammer. My father was watching. He was nothing but amused rather than be concerned. That was the
beginning of realizing that he was not a true father.

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Just imaging that guy ordering a hamburger with the same tone of voice.


Were you referring to the link?

If so… Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

My medication was increased to 25 mg. That probably has something to do with it. :pill:

Or too many bananas. But I know med changes are serious, obviously.

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Just read Banana’s have something called IsoAmyl Acetate. If Bees are around banana’s they become aggressive and start attacking each other. :banana: :honeybee: :bee:

@SurprisedJ should ask his mom about this. She is a science teacher. :microscope:

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I need some bananas. Aren’t they known for potassium?

Bananas are supposed to be good for depression, but I think that is just more of an internet myth

This much I know for sure… :banana: :banana: :bee: :bee:

  1. I do know that bananas will make apples ripen faster because of the ethylene they out gas. I do know that bananas have a lot of potassium, if your body is in need of potassium, a banana will be great.

  2. The part of bananas helping with depression… they do contain serotonin, but not enough to directly affect mood, plus once it’s in the stomach and finally gets absorbed into the blood stream and on an on, there isn’t enough left to really change a mood.

  3. Slightly… and I do mean very slightly over ripe bananas help relieve constipation in toddlers… trust me on this. Pro diaper changer here.

  4. The alarm pheromone emitted when a bee stings another animal smells like bananas. Bee keepers have mentioned this when they approach a nervous hive. They use smoke to mask alarm pheromones and calm the bees.

  5. I know this for sure… if you get a bee near my sis while she’s driving, she will crash the car.


Here where I am one McDonalds meal is 7.9 euros, 10 dollars, I never go there, because I can buy a lot of food at the store at this price, I rarely become angry or aggressive, because it is just waste of energies.


Lol. I remember the story. Very funny.