Feeling a lot better than this morning

Thanks goodness. Is like my favourite saying

‘Bad news - nothing is permanent’
‘Good news - nothing is permanent ‘


Glad you’re feeling better!


Jimbob, I am so glad that you are doing better.

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Always find the middle of the road may be less interesting but it really is much safer.

I am all so middle of the road and that isn’t a bad thing. I don’t have high, highs or really low, lows and I’m used to that. Yeah I’m medicated and I am much slower and all but I guess being pretty stable isn’t a bad thing. The price you pay.

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@anon94176359 you have a lot of bad mornings. Could you possibly ask about splitting your doses into morning and evening ones to keep you more level? Or possibly, could you cut out morning caffeine? I used to get panic attacks in the mornings, and when I reduced my coffee intake from 16 oz to 6, it got much better.


Glad to hear you’re feeling a lot better. Hope it continues.

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