Feeling a little down tonight

I’ve been calling people to distract myself. My aunt-in-law was particularly helpful. She had told me I can call her anytime after 2pm. My doc gave me 30mg Cymbalta two weeks ago for depression. It’s maybe perking me up a little bit.


dont feel so bad blue. you’re a good guy. one of my favorite forum members here.

Remember, it’s a life cycle. Someone who is happy all the time is just as sick as someone who is sad all the time. You are probably just dealing with something negative in your life. Don’t reject it, accept it.

I think it’s healthy that you reached out to others. Good job!

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I was feeling sad the other day too. I’m hopeful this feeling will pass for you.

Take care, Blue.

Thanks @CoCo @PinCushion @schizo_freak @Montezuma

On the bright side I heard the public buses are allowing 25 passengers now instead of the Covid19 limit of 10. I’m going to check tomorrow. If so I could start taking the bus to my primary care doctor again.

It’s more than two weeks past my 2nd Covid19 shot, so I should be ok on the bus.


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