Feeling a little discouraged with the job search

Got interviewed at a few places for a nurse practitioner job but no interest in me. Lots of applications under review for over a month. Kind of feel discouraged. Will keep trying though.


I’m surprised. You’d be hired in a heartbeat in most places up here in Canada. We’re so short of nurses that I think illegal cloning is being considered.


That just made me laugh :rofl:

@velociraptor I think its gaps in my work history due to psychosis that makes in difficult to consider me.

Wishing you all the best, i hope someone hires you soon

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I hope you find something soon. Don’t give up!

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Hope you find something soon.

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I always get turned down for jobs I find more interesting or better paying. That’s why I work for myself

Understandable, but don’t give up!

It can take a bit for one to get their foot in the door someplace— and I’m sure once you do, you’ll be like a fish in water :+1:.

Best of luck to you :dizzy:

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