Feelin’ pretty good today

This morning has been good so far. I had two cups of Earl Grey tea and a cup of instant coffee. It’s called Jacobs Cronat Gold. My mom bought it for me but I’m not going to buy any more of it. I’ll just drink whatever coffee my dad gets at Walmart from now on.

I have Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) group today at 1. I hope people start coming to group so we can start learning things. I’ve been the only one showing up and the group leader said we need more people so one time she just taught me how to play cribbage.


I hope others join your group. And I’m glad you’re having a good day

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I went to group and one other guy showed up so we worked on a packet about different areas of our lives that we’re either satisfied with or want to change.

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Cribbage wow, that sounds cool

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