Feel worried about my niece

Today my mum told me she’s worried my 5 year old niece will get bullied. I hadn’t thought of it. I asked her why and she said there’s a lot of things that make her likely to be bullied. She can’t say r, she wears glasses and she’s small.

It’s playing on my mind. What should I do?

A lot of kids can’t say R or L. Is she in speech therapy? If not, suggest she get assessed so she can get services. If she’s in the US they’re provided through the school system. Glasses aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be 30 years ago. Plenty of kids wear glasses and there are even a lot of kids that were fashion glasses. Like, they’re just fake glasses that kids think look cool so they voluntarily wear glasses. It’s a surprisingly big trend. Being small would probably be the biggest issue, but personality is way more important. I was always tiny and never got picked on for it. I think it just depends on the kids she’s around. No reason to worry before it even happens.

No she’s not in speech therapy. We’re in the UK. Her speech is really good apart from not being able to say r so I don’t know if she’d get it.

I hope she’s around nice kids. She doesn’t live in a rough place.

I would think it’s at least worth looking into. My daughter is in speech therapy because of pronunciation only and it’s really helping her.

Yeah I’ll tell my mum about it. I don’t like mentioning it to my sister as I feel I’m making a big deal if the r thing. I never used to be able to say it till I was 12.

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A lot of kids have difficulty with different speech sounds. Most kids outgrow it. Some need a bit of help.

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