Feel trapped in the house, but i am agoraphobic

this is a totally new feeling for me, i have had agoraphobia for over 10 years, and stay inside all the time, sometimes not going outside at all for 6 months at a time, now along with schizophrenia symptoms, i feel trapped in the house, i want to run away, emigrate, or escape, every day i want to just go anywhere at all.

my family arent happy because i keep saying i want to go to edinburgh on a train (i dont know why edinburgh), i live in wales, but i dont have a lot of money (living on welfare uk) and going outside costs money, eg taxi to get somewhere and i end up spending money, my house is already full (hoarder), is this a known symptom, needing to go out?

should i go out?
should i spend money to relieve immediate symptoms?
my doctor finally gave me olanzipine,

also yesterday i went out and felt i became someone else randomly, i felt their face was my face, and i was the person somehow, their expresion became mine ( a person off tv i think, not sure who) it lasted about 5 mnutes or so.

i forgot what i was going to say next. oh also i ended up swearing a lot at my husband in the garden, would olanzipine cause this?

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Antipsychotics can take a while to work. Hopefully things will get better for you.

I have Agoraphobia, I can go out away from home with my safe person, right now thats my dad.

I have had Agoraphobia my entire life, I know what you are going through, its awful Im sure.

Hang in there :sunny:

I don’t think Olanzapine relieves agoraphobia. I am constantly trying on the faces of people I like, esp. those of women I know. Sometimes the face sticks on my face all day.