Feel super irritable

My depression returned yesterday and i don’t know why. I’m taking my meds fine and got better so why now??? My husband wants to cross question me about my depression and I feel smothered and all I want to do is RUN! I just want to scream!!! WTF is wrong with me???

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It will pass. My depression just comes randomly from time to time. It goes away as mysteriously as it comes.


Depression is like the fog. It rolls in, and no one really knows why, and then just as mysteriously, it rolls out, and again no one really knows why.

About the husband . . . Some people complain that what they dislike about Western Medicine is that they don’t want to be poked and prodded all the time . . . it sounds as if you experienced husband’s attention as poking and prodding.

saadiqah get some fresh air!! walk in a mall or outside. thank God you’re alive.

call someone you know and love.

good luck. judy

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