Feel so useless i cant even open the door


so the delivery man who was supposed to be coming over tomorrrow came today my boyfriend answers the door i couldnt open it! im afraid of men i dont know i feel so useless i shouted at them to go away it made me so angry. lack of sleep on top of this just want to curl up and die.


I too am not good with strangers at the door. I talk to them through the little window at the side of door and have things passes through the mail slot. They can set stuff down and I’ll bring it in soon. I tell them I have a very bad cold when they don’t seem to understand I’m not coming out.


Im not very good with any kind of stranger coming to my door. Lately Ive been more social, but I still have to make a big effort to deal with strangers.


It’s odd, if I’m out and about I can walk up to people I don’t know. But if they head for me… I’m turning and leaving.

Maybe it’s a power thing?


Im the same way J, Im more paranoid when people approach me- but depending on how Im feeling I can be a bit more sociable when Im in control.


So sorry ur feeling b ad dandy. I used tob the same with men at my house. It was my space and I didn’t want them there. I was so scared of being attacked again. I’m still wary but since my husband died I’ve had to deal with workmen, delivery men. It’s made m more confident. The more u confront something ur afraid of the easier it becomes, little by little. Hope tomorrow is a better day for u hunni xxx


I love to answer the door. I like to see how long it takes before they shake their head and walk off, not getting anything they want.
It’s fun to play with people on the phone too.


i am no different i don’t answer the phone, the electrician turned up unannouced, so i didn’t answer the door and locked myself in the office ,mine is not fear i just don’t like people !
so don’t feel bad i do the same thing.
take care


Yep. Don’t like people knocking on my door. It’s very rarely done and if someone does, there better be a damn good reason to. Most of the time I just ignore it.


thankyou everybody for your comments im struggling a bit in the uk its windy and it makes the voices worse one was calling my name very spooky I phoned the out of hours team last night when my Seroquel didn’t put me to sleep AGAIN and looks like I am being offered some councelling at last! just taking one day at a time right now.