feel restless and so pain . feel like going to get cramp and can't sit still.

anyone feel this way before ? is it akathisia ? i can’t describe where the pain come from it just inside you and when it strike your body feel so pain and need to move your leg to ease the pain.

where’s the cramping? In your legs? Keep stretching your feet upwards so it doesn’t set in.

Yes I had it in my legs.


What meds do u take ?

i can’t even sit still . when it strike me all i know is just pain and need to move . when i sit down , the feeling to get the pain keep on coming . stretching won’t help . this fix though with evening dose.
i am taking clozapine , haloparidol , fluxomine , fluanxol injection and zolpidem cr ( stlnox cr ) .

Ya it sucks donkey nads I had it when I took zyprexa.

Thank god it stopped

@anon97118089 do you remember what were your symptom. do you feel pain any where or just restless ?

No I was In pain even trying to stretch wouldn’t help the lower half of my body…

It was so intense. It was my worst side effect ever.

I complained about it and lowered the dose and it got better

@sparktank i have akathisia but no pain at all, could be something else, i dont know

@anon51414962 ic . how do you describe your symptom ? is it just restlessness ?
@anon97118089 ic . what kind of pain @anon97118089 mind to elobrate more .

i really don’t know what to do with this sickness. every morning when i am awake i feel my body going to the same repetitive feeling . it’s like you going to get the pain again . :frowning:

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Yes i feel the need to walk almost all day.

Yes I think u have something else.

My pain only came in the evenings and I had to walk up and down I couldn’t lie down or sit still

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:cry: ok thank you guys. anyone else went through this ? is so painful but Thank God after prayer it relive me alittle bit.

i wonder what diseases do i get :cry: . ? hope it can go away soon . wish me luck guys .


Good luck @sparktank :four_leaf_clover:

Good luck son .

I had the same feeling,

I can describe it like sand inside me

It was because of zolpidem

hey @anon92220549 ,what is the feeling ? mind to describe it ? do you feel any pain or just restlessness ?

when actually the symptom normally strike ?

Have you ever tried taking magnesium? I take 500-1000mg nightly and it really makes a big difference. Completely takes away the pain and restlessness.

i do take magnesium . calcium , omega 3 , vitamin b and omega 3 led but nothing help still pain :frowning:

When I was taking zolpidem

I felt out of place

I was more chatty

And for a hour or two I didn’t feel like resting

I was big energy glad I stop it