Feel out of place even among SZs

Does anyone ever feel this way?

My schizophrenia has intense negative symptoms, mainly social functioning. i just dont feel any connection whatsoever with anyone.

It’s like no matter how much is out there about schizophrenia and how much you talk to others who have it, you still don’t reallly know whether you have the same thing, let alone whether you even know what you have.

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I do. Definitely. I think there are others at the assisted living center where I live that are the same way. I like to talk on this site because all the people here have a better idea of what I’m experiencing than any non-sz could have.

How old were you when you entered the assisted community, might i ask?

I know this feel

I was forty-two. I’m 56 now. Personally, I have found that as I got older I substantially lost that desperate need to be a social butterfly. I’m content to be alone. Solitude is usually painful in youth. As you get older you start to relish it.


That’s good to hear. Man you’re right about it being painful as a youth. when i started high school i got bullied very badly then started hiding out by myself at lunch. really lonely and painful experience, and it lasted for two years. the way i look at it isolating myself was what helped give me sz. although there were lots of other factors.

do you find solitude stunts growth?

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In some ways it does. I miss out on a lot of important information that is passed by word of mouth - things like jobs, etc. I have found that I grow in different ways when I’m alone. They say that creative people have more alpha brain waves when they are alone, and regular people have more alpha brain waves when they’re among people.