Feel like Silicone Valley Insiders for Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter are after me

Have you guys ever felt like silicone valley has assassins/moderators/health workers that work behind the scenes of LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube and try to gaslight into destruction people on their platforms that have had a violent past, posted anti-social material, or who have bothered people on their platforms and disrupt the experience of these platforms?

I feel like they want me dead

You should probably stay off social media…

I don’t understand gaslighting. I have looked it up many times but cannot seem to commit it to memory properly.

They don’t care.

Their algorithms just churn away at your data selling you ■■■■, and they have massive bank balances as a result.

I am sure they couldn’t care less as long as you buy into it

thanks guys I will take into consideration

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