Feel like poop

I just genuinely feel like crap today. I only slept till 2am. Im tired, cranky, hungry, anxious, and depressed. Anyway. Just venting. Hoping i can nap but i rarely can nap during the day. Just will be an early bed time.


Sorry to hear that. Make sure you have a good meal tho. You May not settle if your bodies telling you you’re hungry. Got any headphones you can bung on - and play your fave tunes?

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I plan on having a big dinner. I do have headphones i could put on but i am kind of enjoying the silence today

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I seperated myself from my parents. Put on a beanie and sweater and came out to the porch swing. At least until it rains

Thats Good. So long as your ok x

Enjoy the big dinner!

Yeah. Pheasant, sweet potatoes, and something else. My moms making it. My dad killed the phesants yesterday


that sounds like a feast!

Im starving. Im gonna eat then pass out


Made popcorn - grated Parmesan cheese and smoked pepper just to eat something quick.

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Yum that sounds good. I bought bologna yesterday. Been snacking on that

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Well. I felt like poop all day. Then the Phillies won. And now im soooo excited. I am from around philly so its my home team. Listened on the radio since we dont have cable. Come from behind win!

When you feel like poop, wash your face in cool water. I guarantee you it won’t go down the drain - you just need proof of that.

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