Feel like people can do things to my body

Today felt like I made someone mad at me so I felt like they put me under radiation and I could feel the effects on my body. Was really scared. Does anyone feel pain induced by others?

Yes I feel pain induced by others including what i supspect to be radiation exposure, beatings, and rapes repeatedly.

Sorry bout that koolbreeze72. Pray for peace.

The researchers studying my brain can inflict any type of emotional or physical pain on me that they want. They can access the part of my brain that controls my body and, of course, they can access my emotions. They almost made me die of a perforated ulcer in 2006, they have caused me horrible depression and panic and they can easily make me hurt myself as well. They made me attempt suicide in Feb 2015. They are doing all of this so they can watch my brain and body reactions. Lately, they have backed off a little except for some inner voice communication but I am always scared… Every day.

@47average are you on medication? This is highly delusional thinking, no one can remotely control you in any way. It’s impossible.

If you are on meds, please consult with your pdoc for a higher dosage or change in medicine. If you aren’t, I strongly advise you go on them, they would make all these thoughts go away.

I am on meds and my therapist and pdoc are aware of my delusion. At this time being that I am stable from psychotic episodes, have a history of strong side effects and my delusion is (slowly) going away, she has opted not to increase my meds. Despite my delusion, I function very well in the world. I go to school every day, getting straight A’s, manage at the mall, restaurant, supermarket. I appreciate your concern. I am medicated. My delusion is going away slowly. I question it all the time (which I didn’t used to) but still have it. Slow but sure.

I see… Alright, good luck :slight_smile:

One thing that helped me a lot when coming off delusional thinking was seeing two trains of thought, one was rational, the other delusional. I would pick the rational one and think about how delusional the other one was. That helped me a lot. Just a tip.

I appreciate it. Rest assured, I WANT my delusion to go away. It’s tiring. I was much more committed to it a year ago so I have ,at least, a foot in the real world. But, alas, I’d be lying if I denied my delusional thoughts. They are there. I try to busy myself with studying, school, being with real people in the real world etc. My delusion brings with it great paranoia and fear of emotional and physical harm. It’s quite painful to live with fear and paranoia so the sooner it goes away the better.

Yeah I know… I had other delusions, different theme same outcome. It does get better, especially since you don’t sit round just waiting.

I used to think npr was causing my tactile hallucinations of pain. That was one of my first delusions.

Not physical pain, but I feel their thoughts on how I may have made them angry or offended them.