Feel like my positive symptoms have 'BURNT OUT' but left with permanent negatives

I remember my old doctor was very honest. He said sometimes with sz the delusions/hallucinations run so hot that they kinda burn out by the persons 40s. But by then the damage has been done and the person has irreversibly changed.

Feel like this is true for me. My positives are under control but my brain is just exhausted. My negatives are terrible and can’t look after myself.


Kinda makes me wonder if I need meds anymore.

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Think after the holidays I am going to ask to come off my seroquel. I take a depot as well so is not like I am going to be free of APs.

I take 600mg a day. Thinking of reducing it by 25mg a week so will take 24 weeks to come off it. May seem like a long time but I have time on my hands and I often feel weird if I stop meds too abruptly.

Don’t think my doc should have a problem with this. He has already intimated he is not that big a fan of polypharmacy and like I say I will still be on the depot.

Ultimately if I could get to the stage where all I took was my depot once a month, and no oral meds I would be happy.

What do you guys think? I don’t think I am being irresponsible. Won’t change anything without talking to the dr first.

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Discuss it with your doctor. I’m just going through a similar thing now with stopping my amitriptyline. I’m not a fan of poly pharmacy either.

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Sounds like a good plan @Jimbob
Best of luck with everything!


I won’t change a thing until January. Don’t want to feel weird over the holidays.

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with the amitriptyline. Can be really hard to come off psychotropic meds.

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Thanks @Wave 15

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It’s actually been pretty positive overall. I have withdrawal-related mood swings, but my libido is increased and I lost ten pounds in the past two weeks.

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The reason why you don’t get positive symptoms anymore is because you’re on meds. Don’t forget that.


If i were you i would lower my antipsychotic doses or get off them altogether if the positive symptoms were all gone. That way less risk of tardive dyskinesia and you get to see what youre like without the crutch.

My pdoc told me the sz calms down in your 30’s. It has for me. I get hiccups of positive symptoms every once in a while where I’m psychotic for a couple days but then calm down. But what I struggle with the most is negative symptoms. I still fight for my recovery every day. And some days are easier than others.

I came off of Seroquel completely last year. When we were decreasing it I had intense panic attacks. Once I was finally off of it I struggled with insomnia. I take 150mg of Trazadone now. One of the nice things about being off it is I wake refreshed and don’t feel sedated. I also need less sleep.

Good luck! A lot of people take one AP. :sunny:

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Dunno. You said seroquel added to your depot was a game changer for you.


I’m coming off Seroquel this week and I’ve been getting the intense panic attacks too. It really is torture. How long did the withdrawal last for you?

When I went on Klonopin they stopped.So I don’t know. I still have insomnia. Sometimes even with the Trazadone. I was on 1200mg for years so you figure your brain gets used to the sedation. I hope it gets better for you. Hang in there and avoid caffeine. :sunny:

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1200 is a high dose, you must have come down gradually, right? Coming off 1200 cold turkey sounds like suicide.

Yeah. Your right. It certainly was at the time. You could very well be right now. I just kinda want to know if I still need it. If I do no problem - will continue taking it and never question it again. Just not sure if I need it now.

Suppose that is the thing isn’t it. You don’t really know if you need a med till its gone. I feel I’ve got the time and this starting position of mental strength to test that question. I mean if I could come off that med it would be great.

The depot is definitely the major part of my treatment. It is great for delusions. From my experience of meds and their effects on different symptoms I know this. I just question the need for seroquel now.

Like @SunGirl says sz is known to change character in some folk as time passes. I just feel that my sz has entered a different phase of late and I question the need for seroquel. Suppose I won’t know till I try.

NB - I am not trying to get people off their meds. I will take my depot till the day I die but I think it is important to have an appreciation for the relationship of how symptoms can change over time and the subsequent role of different meds.

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It was a very slow process. For a while I was on 400mg plus two other AP’s. Finally I was trying to lose weight and my pdoc said it would help to stop the Seroquel. It’s the only one I had a hard time coming off of. The two I’m on now work great with no side effects. :sunny:


Did coming off the seroquel help with the weight loss? Am keen to lose weight.

What two are you on now? I’m replacing Seroquel with latuda, so far it has been stressful. No sleep without 50mg trazodone and a little melatonin as well.

Well I’ve lost 70lbs this year but it’s been a lot of hard work. It does help though to not have a med that makes you eat uncontrollably. :sunny:

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