Feel like I'm one of the worst people here :(

I think you should talk to your doctor @Jesspresso. It sounds like you might need an AP.
In any case, I hope you feel better.


Never worked . Too anxious/unsure about interacting with people to volunteer. No friends. Time spend online, watching tv, eating,drinking and sleeping.

Yeah you’re terrible Jesspresso

Just jessing i mean jesting


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I have feared that my sz would get to the point of such severe nothing-to-do.
I don’t know what to recommend. I hope you have a few people in your life who love you.

i thought u said u didnt have hallucinations when u first started posting here, seems like things are worse now, try to see a doc and get on an ap, hope things get better

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I would suggest you call your pdoc and make an appointment to get on antipsychotic medication. You sound very ill to me.

Maybe you should check your vicinity for some kind of day program to go to two or three days week. If you have a goal to be there on time and commit to it it might be a good option for you. I was at one for about 4 or 5 months and I was psychotic the whole time and while trying to get off drugs while playing charades, baking cookies and kicking my friends ass in ping-pong. Very low stress or pressure and fun sometimes. Being around people is very therapeutic in itself.

You aren’t the worst life is hard and it’s even harder when reality is flexible. You just have to keep trying.

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