Feel like crying

I don’t normally feel this way… What the actual heck :sob: :sob: :sob:

I use to turn to food during times like this I think… I’m not hungry atm…

What is making feel like this?

@Kxev. I’m not sure… Maybe unresolved past stuff… I’m not turning to food for once when I feel this way and Idk what to do… It’s to cold to go outside and smoke CBD I’ve just got my 0 nicotine vape…

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Maybe drink some coffee or tea. That helps to cheer me up.

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Sounds frustrating, when you’re jonesing for nicotine fix. Yeah, make yourself a fancy tea and sip.

I mean CBD

@Kxev. I’ve never smoked nicotine… I’ve always vaped 0

@Kxev ah yeah it’s kinda hard right now it’s like 14 degrees Fahrenheit

I’m not crying but I’ve got big time insomnia tonight and gonna make myself tea.

Is it hormones ? Time of the month ? Or you just feeling down @Twialine im sorry hope things get better

@Kxev. I might do the same… I might spring for chocolate mint… How about you

@anon80629714. Yes it is that time of the month… I normally lean on food but I’m not today

@anon80629714. I didn’t even think of my monthly to be honest

I made myself some HT English breakfast Black tea with some half and half and sugar. It’s nice. I gotta get some more fancy tea.

@Kxev. I’ve got Harney and sons Ceylon and India with orange pekoe mellow black tea with stevia

@Twialine Those sound amazing. I also have green tea, not my favorite.

@Kxev. I 100% suggest try ordering Harney and sons they make amazing tea… I got one where they pick what you get

@Twialine I do plan from your last Topic about tea last week. The store looks lovely.

@Kxev. I know right! I can suggest a few teas if you’d like

@Twialine Please do, The orange pekoe mellow sounds amazing.