Feel Like A monster Tell you've Had Your Coffee and Cigg.?


I don’t smoke, but I feel pretty grumpy till I had my coffee! :smile: It’s funny how quickly a cup of coffee can put a smile on my face! :blush:


I dont smoke anymore but coffe and cigs were what I spent evenings with. Man I smoked to much. I do miss it a lot though.

Yes… that is perfect… :smile:

I don’t smoke anymore… but I do still need my coffee…

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Don’t drink coffee,to me it smells like burnt toast and that turns my stomach but sometimes when I wake up the first thing that I do is take a few drags then put it out.

Disgusting habit.

I completely understand I am a royal b word till I have my coffee, I don’t smoke though.

that pic was darling @TheGreatestDrZen yes, I need my coffee…day four without the cigs…it’s a constant struggle…the morning cigarette is the hardest for me not to have.

2 cups ‘o’ Joe for me.
Smells like heaven…
No stinky cigs for me…sorry.