Feel kinda dumb

Guess sometimes you have to really look at what you’re doing. So I put on a set four albums (ambient/drone music), but not paying attention I had them play from the last song up until the first song. Rather than from the first song until the last song. I guess with this kind of music it doesn’t really matter I didn’t even notice it until now, and I’m on the second to last album.

Does anyone else have little moments like these?

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awww you are just sweet loved you album! <333333333

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When I’m not paying attention I have all sorts of little irritations like this. It’s very annoying.

More then once… I would put the dirty clothing in the dryer and then in the washer and then wonder why they were wet. That used to make me so upset.

Now…not so much.

Be kind to yourself and be patient with yourself.


The thing I hate worse is when I walk go do to something and I get it all set up and then forget what it was I was going to do…like walk into a room and forget what I was going to do, or pull up the internet and forget what it was I was planning on doing…


I put something really out of place in the kitchen, and it reminded me of something someone with alzheimer’s would do, which scared me a bit. But I’m adjusting meds at the moment, so hopefully it’s just that.

my problem is a lack of concentration…Seroquel does help with that to a point…all medication helps to a point. I just count it towards part of my illness.

Its part of why I can’t work…low concentration can lead to many mistakes