Feel-Good Story w/ pictures for those who need one

So after my shower and nap, I found myself searching for photos of matted hair, and then the universe had me stumble upon this as if to say snap out of it and cheer up idiot:


That is an amazing recovery story! Thanks for sharing… I teared up…

I did too.

Reminds me of our beagle Maxie who found my family minutes after being abandoned by a passing car. She ran away one 4th of july spooked by the fireworks and wasn’t found until the end of that next winter. The moment we realized she was still alive was when my parents were at a store and overheard on the police scanner that a beagle had been hit by a car on the highway but couldn’t be found. They knew it was her. She somehow survived an entire winter living in a swamp and stealing bread from out behind a convience store at night where the owners finally caught her and found us, her owners, came back witha broken leg and skinny but otherwise healthy. I think she died of cancer a few years later, I’ve seen so many animals come and go.

Awww! Glad Bobb got the help he needed. Thank you for this

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