Feel comfortable when people point at me

Once my therapist and I were talking about the real/unreal. For example, the other day I thought children were conspiring against me in the coffee shop. I didn’t act out but I thought to myself I would have felt better if I child actually pointed at me and giggled or something.

Once in a pawnshop I sold a few old items and as I was walking out I heard the clerk shout “bst*rd." I didn’t go back in to confront him. Anyways, I told the therapist you know what I’d be happy if folks really did this stuff rather than me being tortured in my mind.

Am I weird for taking this position?

Once I wrote a silent play
Of people silently screaming

In a character’s face

It’d be funny that way too

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I suppose it would be easier if people were direct instead of passive-aggressive. I can see how you would feel that way. I often feel as though everyone around me is acting and wish they would just come clean and admit they are acting. So I ‘sort-of’ know how you feel.