Feel bad for not moving away "just in case"

You know how some of you take meds “just in case.” Well what if moving away was the way to be safe? I didn’t move away “just in case” and would have nothing to lose but only gain. How can I feel better about this? Any counters?

I’m not the person who can help you due to my own struggles. But I want to tell you I’m sorry you’re suffering so much

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huh? are you taking meds? I’ve wondered about your posts.
I already know what will happen.

Yes I’m taking meds.

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i think if you move away you will still encounter the same problems…

Not if I become wealthy. Money could protect me.

You mean get your own apartment? I don’t see why not sounds like a reasonable and attainable goal. More power to you bro

No thats not what I mean.

Oh okay sorry I don’t know your back story friend. I wouldn’t move just in case but maybe if it can help you forget your past hallucinations then it may help idk. Or maybe you have to face your fears until you realize that they’re just hallucinations or delusions. Not sure if I understand this right but that’s my 2 cents

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